Current Officers

OMD Proposed Slate of Officers 2017-2019

Presented by the OMD Nominating Committee, in accordance with the OMD Bylaws

OMD Nominating Committee: Brantley Knowles, Chairman

Committee Members: Laurie Aldinger, Walter Sheffield*, Esq., Deborah Wilhite, Brian White

President General Dianne Robinson
1st Vice President General Charles Neuhauser
2nd Vice President General Anna Duff
3rd Vice President General Craig Metz, Esq.
4th Vice President General Laura Ramsay
Genealogist General John Harman
Asst. Genealogist General Philip Livingston
Registrar General Karen McClendon
Webmaster Barry Howard
Secretary General Michael Schenk
Assistant Secretary General Christopher Moberg
Chaplain General The Reverend Lynne Kogel
Treasurer General Barry Howard
Asst. Treasurer General Edward Horton
Archivist General Dr. Eric Jon Nielsen
Curator General Michael Swisher
Chancellor General Carter Furr, Esq.
Surgeon General Dr.George Hill
Counselor General Walter Sheffield, Esq.

Advisory Council

Anne Brandt
Karen Cardullo
Dr. Susan Wray Cook
Priscilla Roberts
Heather Speas
Brian White

Imperator-Princeps Emeritus

*Note: Walter Sheffield recused himself regarding the discussion of the office of Counselor General