Eligible for membership in the "Order of the Merovingian Dynasty" are men and women who have shown a love of history, who have been significant participants and leaders in genealogy, and who are lineal descendants of the first King of the Merovingian Dynasty- Merovech (Merovee), who was king of the Salic Franks 448-457.

Ladies and gentlemen interested in membership must be proposed by two members of the Order to whom they are known personally and approved by the Membership Committee of the Order. Letters of proposal and endorsement are sent to the President General, who, with the approval of the Membership Committee, will invite the prospect to become a member. All pages of the "Order of the Merovingian Dynasty" application must be completed by all applicants. The lineage must begin with the applicant and proceed to Merovingian King-Merovech (Merovee). Names, dates, and places of birth, marriage, and death must be given in each generation as far as known and sufficiently to prove this line. All items relied on to prove the lineage known as "primary sources" (land grants, wills, deeds, census records, Bible records, church records, cemetery records, war records, pensions records, etc.), or "secondary sources" such as published books that use "primary Sources" must be cited and copies furnished. Full names must be used; dates must be in the form day/month/year. Records such as IGI, computer family records, web pages are not acceptable. A copy of an approved application from the following Royal lineage societies may be submitted as proof of lineage and proof of documentation; however proofs will have to be furnished from the ancestor of the approved royal application to the Merovingian King-Merovech. In all cases, the Genealogist General of the "Order of the Merovingian Dynasty" will be the final determiner of acceptability of the lineage and proofs. Acceptable Lineage Societies:

Order of the Crown in America- formed 1898
The Baronial Order of the Magna Charta-formed 1898
National Society Americans of Royal Descent-formed 1908
National Society Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede-formed 1921
The Military Order of Crusades- formed 1934
Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192- formed 1936
Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the U.S.-formed 1939

Membership Fees

Founder members of the "Order of the Merovingian Dynasty" have the right to nominate the initial hereditary members of the Order. Such nomination shall require the signature of two of the Founding Members. Such nomination shall be presented to the Membership Committee. Upon approval of the proposed applicant by the Membership Committee, such name shall be submitted to the President General of the Order who will then issue an invitation for membership to the Registrar General. A prescribed fee of $750.00 will be required of the proposed applicant by the Registrar General prior to his/her receiving an application. If upon completion of the application, the Genealogist General deems the application to be defective, $350.00 will be returned to the applicant. If the application is deemed to have merit but has minor defects which require additional time and research by the Genealogist General, additional charges for research may be made by the Genealogist General in consultation with the applicant.

Members of the Order interested in recommending Candidates for potential membership in OMD, please contact Registrar General, Shelby Carr at