In furtherance of its intention to act as a genealogical, historical "Order" and to operate for "educational purposes", the objectives and purposes of the "Order of the Merovingian Dynasty" are to educate not only its members but as widespread a population as reasonably feasible by means of the following specific endeavors:

1. Identifying and honoring the memory of ancestors who were the "Kings of the Merovingian Dynasty".

2. Associating the living descendants of these "Merovingian Kings" as members of the Corporation and bringing them into closer association through activities revolving around matters of common historical and genealogical interests.

3. Collecting and preserving records, documents, and relics pertaining to the history and genealogy of the "Merovingian Kings.".

4. Producing and distributing publications of all kinds relating to the history and genealogy of the "Merovingian Kings."

5. Educating the general public to the maximum extent possible about the history of the Merovingian Kings and their subsequent impact upon western civilization.