The insignia of the Order is widely recognized as being the finest available among any lineage society. Our large medal, pictured below, was designed by SPINK and was produced in London until the Order had the dies shipped over for American production. A.M. Ross now produces our medal and the quality is, if anything, finer than that of SPINK's production.

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Women's Medallion

Neck Medallion for Gentlemen ~ Bow and Tails for Ladies.

The cost of the Medallion will vary based on the exchange rate and the current gold prices.
Approx. cost is $1350.00 plus $8.50 shipping

The Order of the Merovingian Dynasty is manufactured in Sterling Silver,(925 parts in 1,000 pure silver), and then 24ct gold plated.

The Medal consists of an eight pointed star, alternating four gold plated fluted rays and four silver bright cut rays. The star rays are bound by a circle of purple vitreous enamel with the title Order of the Merovingian Dynasty. A gold plated Merovingian decorative wreath encloses a white enamel disk, upon which is the title Sanguinarius Regum (Blood of Kings) Symbolism includes period Eagles heads and the Royal Bee. The centre disk is in purple enamel and contains the gold plated silver portrait of Childeric, taken from the Ring of Childeric. Dimensions are 60mm across the horizontal star points and 83mm from the lower star point to the tip of the crown.

Miniature Medal

Will be the (3) center dies from the full size medal attached to the solid purple ribbon as shown.

$110 (silver/gold plate) ~~ Market Price (14k Gold-price may vary based on gold prices) plus $8.50 shipping

Lapel Recognition Pin or Ladies Charm

$40 (gold plate) ~~ $85 (silver/gold plate) ~~ Market Price(14k gold) plus $8.50 Shipping

Sample of Membership Certificate (11" by 17")

Members may Order for $50.00 (included in new member fees)

Members may place orders through the Registrar

Shelby Carr, Registrar General
174 Nassau Street, PMB 156
Princeton, NJ 08540